Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Political correctness

I almost had nothing to say fact, I'm kind of tired & probably won't say everything I want to about these people who insist on not offending anyone, ever, and as a result wind up being really offensive.
My example, Speedy Gonzales.
Apparently the people who make the decisions on what's "safe" to air on the television have found Speedy offensive....even....racist.
It wasn't but a few weeks ago on one of those Sunday night "Forgotten Oldies" shows on one of the commercial radio stations (don't get me started on that crap) that I heard Pat Boone's song "Speedy Gonzales".
Speedy is racist but PAT FREAKIN' BOONE isn't?!?!
Pat Boone....NOT racist......what kind of bizarro world are we living in?!?!?!

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William said...

I wish I could sleep