Friday, January 29, 2010


This song is gets stuck in my head for at least fifteen minutes a day.
I'm not sure you can judge people by their favorite songs, or what this says if you can.

Thursday, January 28, 2010 they run his obituary or not?

“I hope to hell that when I do die somebody has the sense to just dump me in the river or something. Anything except sticking me in a goddam cemetary. People coming and putting a bunch of flowers on your stomach on Sunday, and all that crap. Who wants flowers when you're dead? Nobody.”
-Jerome David Salinger

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

At least things can only get better.

Or maybe they could just stay the same.
Or perhaps, they could get worse.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's funny

There would probably be more pictures of my bike on the interwebs that I didn't take if I just got out more often.
Small price to pay to be a shut in.
I know who took this one:

I don't know who took these:

Anyhow, e-mail me, buy it, ride it.
Air freshener not included.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday is van day or something right?

You know me, ever the joiner-inner.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Damas Y Caballeros!

Está con el gran placer que traigo le a sonido completamente fantástico y totalmente increíble del único nad I' ¡VE escuchó toda la semana, camisas de fuerza del Los!
Aquí le doy Los Straitjackets

El drummer' el nombre de s es Jason Smay y él apenas puede ser uno de mis baterías vivos preferidos.
Muchas gracias Damas y Caballeros!
Aquí está Cal Speed.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Would the senator from Massachusetts kindly stand

I hate politics.
I really do.
In fact, I will never, ever trust someone who runs for public office.
Every last one of them is a self-serving ego manic.
None of them can tell me they aren't in it for personal gain.
No one will convince me they aren't on some power trip.
I keep hearing,"Massachusetts is sending the country a message!"
Apparently that message is that Gay Rights are safe and sound.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kill Your Television II....Electric know.

So, if you happen to find yourself up & watching TV at 3 a.m. (Don't ask, it happens) you're bound to run in to these infomercials for the "New" Blue Blocker Sunglasses that are now, apparently, in HD.
Again, I'm sorry, what?
HD, as in "High Definition"....sunglasses?
If you're wearing them then, you are most likely outside.
You know, the out of doors?
Where the sun is?
With the air?
And....all the stuff?
If you don't find the outdoors already "Highly defined" I think you might have bigger things wrong with you.
The sort of things all the, "As seen on TV" U.V. protection in the world won't help.
Any guess as to how long before these marketing geniuses start telling us they offer retinal protection in, "Amazing, life-like 3D?"
Here's some decidedly low resolution, no definition, 2 dimensional photos to soothe the nerves.
Made with the technology of the previous century:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Kill Your Television

It’s no wonder why I don’t know what the hell anyone is talking about anymore.
Apparently Barret-Jackson has their own channel now, and I am holding them personally responsible for all these ridiculous new labels.
Clearly these labels are just more words we can throw on the pile of dung that is the Trickle up Vernacular but one in particular has left me scratching my head.
Across their stage rolled what appeared to be a 1970 Chevelle, yet the caption in the upper right hand corner of my screen told me that this $34,000 Chevy was a “1970 Re-Creation.”
I’m sorry, a what?
Now, I don’t know much but I’m pretty sure I was looking at an actual car.
Unless of course, it was sculpted from tofu, but I’d like to think the bobble-headed idiot with a microphone (I’m sorry, but I’m beginning to think Steve Magnante is the only person on that stage who knows what he’s talking about) would have mentioned something.
I realize it’s all just semantics, but really, why should I be expected to follow along?
I’m trying my best to live in my own world.
A world where it’s either a Hot Rod, a Custom (yes, with a “C”) or, if you can stand it, a car.
The next time someone tells me about their “Super detailed authentic resto-modded hand made re-creation of a pro touring switch bladed rockabilly-eriffic rough and tumble bobbed psycho death machine” they’re getting nothing but a blank stare.
Or maybe a little dance.
Depends on my mood.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Could someone kindly ....

get this line up of the Fly Rite Boys to come around again?
That'd be great, thanks.

Of course, this is nothing personal.
Honestly, I haven't seen the current line up, I just can't see these guys being topped.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Like I've got nothing better to do

Awhile ago I'm sure I mentioned screwing up the tank on my own "Little" Shovel project by doing this.
Well. today was the day I decided to drag it back out again, & search through the vaults for another suitable 1/12 scale tank.
Sure enough, ('cause I'm a raging geek) I've got one.
In here:

When I bough this goofy kit I really wasn't quite sure why but I had been assuming it would some day bail me out parts-wise.
Also, if anyone cares, like all the other Imex motorcycle kits there's some pretty cool bits to be found.
The only hang up is, they're all green.
Here's where it stands at the moment:

And yes, I too know people who've completed actual motorcycles in the time it's taken me to get this far.
Spare me.
Christ, I need a life.
Have I said that yet this week?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Just wow.

So help me Dog

Lead us not in to temptation...or whatever that line is.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back up, back up, back up

I lost a whole ton of pictures this weekend & although I can recover most of them, it takes an awful long time.
These 2 passed me on the highway on Sunday.
They didn't seem to care much about the cold weather, or my lost pictures.

Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm taking a que from Missinglink

Awhile back Missinglink was offering up some more exacting definitions of everyday words.
In honor of this, along with my failure to come up with an original idea for the day, I'd like to try my hand.

mul·ti·task·ing (mŭl'tē-tās'kĭng) n. Fake word invented by employers to get you to do more work, for free.
mul'ti·task' v.

Stay tuned for my own fake word, monotasking.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Forget the exploitation.
Forget the rumors. sightings, cheese puff paintings or this bullshit idea that he was responsible for stealing the Black Man's sound.
Had Elvis not been born January 8, 1935, I think, things would be a whole lot different.
I don't care what anyone's opinion is about the guy.
No one could have stood the world on its ear the way he did.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Holidays are over....apparently

This is taking some getting used to.
For most of my natural born life (is there some other kind?) the nail in the coffin of the holiday season has always been the Boston World of Wheels.
It's always been the first full weekend after New Year's & as much as I piss & moan about how crappy most of the cars involved are, I always look forward slippin' in on set up night, the Thursday before.
For whatever reason, someone has decided to take the last of my holidays, even if it is a cheesy indoor car show complete with local sports stars & plastic filled bikini models, and move it to mid March.

From what I hear this year, Poop Klodz magazine is also sponsoring some kind of "Traditional blah, blah, blah" section as well.
God only knows.
I'm not really sure why I even mention all this, other than, tonight would be the night I'd be sneaking in like I belonged there.
I mean, it's not like I go back at all during the weekend.
You think I'd pay for that crap?
Here's a few from last year that didn't make me want to claw my own eyeballs out.

Say, just for the randomness of it all, here's some from 2006.
Mainly, because I just happened across the disc.

It's always been kind of difficult to get a decent picture in this place.
You either can't get far enough away from the car, or the light sucks.
At least, that's the excuse I am using.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hornrims & Browlines

I've got friends who collect guns.
Friends who collect records, guitars, knives, microphones, watches, old radios, cylinder heads, motorcycles, antique medical equipment, you name it.
I can't, however, come up with anyone who collects eyeglasses...and you know what they say, "There's one if every crowd, and if you can't find them, well..."

I don't quite know how it happened.
Unlike most things I collect, where I go berserk & scoop up everything that comes my way, only to freak out & cut down to a livable number (It's perfectly reasonable for someone to cut down to 3 drum sets...right?) it seems I just woke up one day and asked myself, "How many pairs of glasses do I have anyhow?"
This neat little pair of Kenmark fades are pretty much indestructible.
The earpieces are spring loaded & fold 180 degrees.

The Modern Optical Cosmo is one of my favorites.
I can't really call them "Cool" 'cause, you know, they're giant honkin' glasses but they aren't your typical fade.

These are another Modern Optical model called "Chris."
I don't know who Chris is, but his hornrims are are just different enough to make people think they can relate them to something.
No, they aren't Buddy Holly glasses.
No, I'm not trying to be Elvis Costello and my apologies, I'm far from a hipster.

This pair of Shuron Ronsirs is what made me realize I've got a "Collection" of sorts.
These were my Grandfather's and the pair that sent me on this weird search for my own.
That's a long story I won't bore you with right now, although the outcome is kind of interesting.

There's some great detail on the Ronsir, and you'd actually be able to see it if I knew how to take a decent photograph.

In an attempt to find a pair of my own, I first had to settle for these Ray-Ban knock offs.
They aren't bad.
In fact, I like them a lot, they just weren't what I had in mind.
Goof Off took care of the company's name in giant white lettering on the outside of one of the ear pieces.

That pair of knock offs did eventually lead to these.
One of these days I'll tell you kids the story behind this pair.
After years of searching, NOS Shuron Ronsir from the mid 50's and on my face in a matter of days.

So, I doubt I'll ever get my own episode of Hoarders but I can say now that I'm always on the look out for interesting glasses.
What else, aside from blunt trauma, can alter someone's face so quickly?

Christ, I need a life.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Let me see if I've got this right...

I make it a point to stay away from the "News".
Jeremy Clarkson is right about these vapid, talking bobble head news readers.
They really are made of plastic.
However, for the past 2 days I've found myself in the wrong place at the wrong time and have been hit with a barrage of "Headlines."
Have I got this right?
Our national intelligence & security systems fail so miserably after so many obvious warning signs (not to mention an 8 year.....war?) that a guy is given the opportunity to blow his balls off on an airplane yet these idiots are more concerned with some golf playing corporate whore?!?!?!?

Monday, January 4, 2010

What a dummy!

Not long ago I posted about some weirdo autographs I have & I completely forgot about these.
I don't know how, other than, I've had them stashed away since I moved.

Apologies about the crummy pictures, I didn't really have time to take them out of the frames.
They wouldn't fit on the scanner anyhow.