Friday, February 27, 2009


Is the only band I listened to all week.

An all-time favorite of mine by far.
That being said, there's still no justification for The Style Council.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Ford Flex?

I had to go to my local Ford dealership today & I noticed a bunch of these things.
The one that caught my eye was this sort of Robin's egg blue & it really didn't look to bad against the white roof.
Compared to the other little Gruman/Divco looking boxes I've seen running around this thing really didn't look too bad.
The color, the high door sills, the body lines in the door...hell, I kinda liked it.
(Or at least didn't immediately hate it, which is easy to do with cars these days)
So, I went in, did what I had to do & figured I'd stop on the way out to satisfy my curiosity.
I pulled up to this thing still being impressed at the way it carried itself.
Simple, utilitarian, yet....kinda flashy.
Just enough of it's own style to stand ou.......wait.
What the fuck?
What's that sticker say?
Forty Four THOUSAND dollars?
$44,000 for this piece of shit?!?!?!
Are you kidding me?!?!
You know what kind of vehicular bliss I could pull off with 44K?!?!?!
This thing's a great $20,000 car all day long....and I don't really even know anyone with that much dough burning a hole in their pocket right now.
Who the hell would spend $44,000 on a car?!?!
Who CAN?!?!
We hear it on the news, in coffee shops and at the bar all day and night.
"Detroit's in trouble."
No shit Sherlock.
Can't figure out why huh?
(picture stolen from the inter-tubes...I didn't have my camera with me. Lesson learned)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Shovel project of my very own

I've got the bug to build a model again (like I don't have enough real things that need attention)so I figure I'll do something with this:

I've had it kicking around for awhile now & in the back of my head I've been making plans that involve this as well:

Although I apparently won't be using the front end like I first thought:

It's no big deal though....I know I've got a bunch of 1/12 stuff around here & at least one complete narrow front end.
Which brings me to my question of the day.
What has gone wrong in my life that I have parts boxes like this:

Yet, I don't own a couch?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No big deal

Today a customer made what sounded like a snap decision when he decided not to sink any more money in to his aging vehicle.
"I'll just go buy a new one...probably over the weekend."
His lack of enthusiasm made me wonder what happened to the days of the entire neighborhood coming out to see so-and-so's new car as they pulled in to the driveway.
Hell, I can even remember Remo (the guy across the street from my childhood home, a car collector even before it was a hobby) saying, "You outta save that!" as my father scraped off the window sticker of his brand new Mustang.
Now, in 2009, I don't even know my neighbors other than a quick wave & avoiding the dirty looks they give my dog....I certainly won't be beating their door down when they bring home their new Subaru.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dead Drug Users

Win Oscars, and I still rent an apartment.
It becomes more and more clear to me that the key to success is a chemical dependency.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


It's no real mystery why I am in to the things I am in to.
Here's some pictures I've had kicking around for awhile of my Grandfather (My father's father).
I had this big long story I was going to tell about him & this Indian in Panama during World War II, his friendship with Cab Calloway, his love of Carl Perkins, how impressed he was with the Stray Cats when Built For Speed came out & his daily driver in the 60's that would pull the front wheels off the ground but it would have been too long & probably boring to all (both) of you.
Instead, I'll just say that I wish he where still alive today.
Of course, if he was, he'd probably be banging on the coffin lid screaming for help.
Is that in poor taste?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Don't drink and drive

(Picture stolen from the HAMB and posted by someone who probably stole it)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Get behind The Queers

Before they get behind you.

Fridays mean something again

Good God I forgot how tiring a "real" job can be.
I've got my apprehensions about this place but I still can't wait to get used to being "at work" again.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New job, new euphemism

I should have known that this new job would bring a whole new crowd of people I just don't get & vice versa.
Maybe I'm just surprised it took 3 days before I started getting the "Your weird" looks from people who spend their free time watching others do things like "Dance with stars" & purposely dress like their favorite sports heroes.
I'm pretty sure it started when someone asked me if I'd seen some movie (I forget what it was already) that apparently everyone in the world but me has seen.
When I tried to politely explain (again) that I really do live under a rock they just didn't seem to get it.
After fielding several questions like, "You don't watch football?" and "You don't listen to Nicklefudge?" (Or whoever....names of bands I'm not in to mean nothing to me) I finally said,"Look, I'm 36 years old & I've never eaten a Dorito!"
By the look on their face I might as well have just told them I performed an unnatural act with their Grandmother and a farm animal.
"You' what?" Clearly they were upset.
"I've never had a Dorito" I said again, which now caught the attention of the entire shop.
"How could you have never eaten a Dorito?" Someone else asked in a tone that implied I was lying.
"I can't get by the smell of them...they smell like feet."
Everyone seemed to be annoyed at my reason but why would I want to put something that smelled that bad in my mouth?
The whole conversation just kind of fizzled from there with everyone kind of uncomfortably scratching their heads like they just got the news NASCAR is fixed & I was left wondering how much easier life would be if I could just shut up & "Eat the Dorito."

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No one's gonna believe this...

I found a "sport" that doesn't involve wheels that I actually like.

Like I need a new hobby.
Quit laughing.

Monday, February 16, 2009

RIP Louie

He checked out yesterday...February 15, 2009.
I met & talked with him many times.
He just had a warmth about him....such a beautiful human being.
This one's hard to take.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I thought I came up with a way to deal with the people who think I give a damn about these latest so-called "Celebrities".
The only problem is, like so many times before, I'm afraid these people just don't get it.
Here's my story.
Last night I was sitting at a table with three other people who, at this point in our lives, should know better.
In an effort to strike up some sort of conversation one of them turns to me and asks, "So, what do you think of......"
Now, for the sake of the story, I can't even remember the names of the 2 people he asked me about.
See how inconsequential they are?
I'm sure you can do the work on your own to find out who I am talking about but he was referring to some....I dunno, singer? Actor?
Some kind of celebrity couple where the guy is accused of smacking the girl around and neither one of them are Baldwins.
Anyhow, when I said I had no idea who he was talking about, someone else at the table started insisting that I not only knew who these people were, but was intimately familiar with their work.
I tried to keep my cool during all this while reassuring myself that "comfortable silence" is so much better than this "conversation".
After politely trying to explain that I not only live under a rock when it comes to this stuff but like it that way, it hit me.
I had a plan, a strategy.
This was my chance to turn the tables, as outnumbered as I was.
After what seemed like a lifetime of them volleying ideas of me secretly watching "America's Next Idol" or whatever that show is called, I saw my opening.
"So..." I said calmly, "Lux Interior dying was kind of a shock huh? Who saw that coming?"
The response I got was a resounding, "What?"
"Lux Interior" I insisted, "of The Cramps?"
"What" they seemed to say in unison.
(Here's where I really started to play up my flabbergastedness)
"You know, The Cramps? How could you not know The Cramps? Hell, they've only been around over 30 years!!!"
I knew I hit my mark when the one who started this whole thing said, while laughing at his own joke as if he had the upper hand, "I'll give you a cramp."
"Uh huh." is all I said.
I felt it was all I needed to say.
The battle was over, the war was won.
My only regret is, I don't think they realized they had even participated.


Well, I'm now part of the 92.5% of this country's population with a job.
Taking the winter off is highly recommended if you can get away with it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I've spent the better part of my 36 years

around old cars & motorcycles.
It wasn't until the advent of the internet that I heard the word "Patina."
I'm convinced it's either a made up, or misused word that someone with little experience said to someone with even less of a clue.
They in turn, thought it made them sound like they knew what they were talking about and started throwing it around every chance they got.
I can only assume from there, some of the bigger media outlets for these hobbies (who don't have much of a clue themselves and should know better) latched on to this new "Buzzword" in an attempt to fit in with the trendoids that make up their demographic.
Sort of "Trickle up vernacular" if you will.
At any rate, judging by the things that prompt the use of the word "Patina" I suspect it's just fancy talk for "Used" or as I like to put it "Lived in."
Much like this neat old Shovel spotted in the parking lot at the 2008 Brockton Fairground races (scattered throughout Goodish).
Although not high on my list, I would like something like this one of these days....AND something like the RD350 behind it. (Yes, I've got pictures of that too...stay tuned)

I never did run in to the owneer of this bike but would like to know what this is all about:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Estes Auto S p inc

This is, or was, Estes Auto Supply in Rockland, MA.
I'm sure it's no secret why I dig the building but could somene please tell me why I didn't go inside when I had the chance?
Actually, wait.
I know why.
I do remember the business being in full swing at least as late as 1990, but I would always travel the extra 1/8 of a mile to E.B. Ladd's.
Obviously at the time, I was young and foolish.
As much as I appreciated the coolness of Estes I was far more interested in watching the guy behind the counter at E.B. Ladd's talk on the phone.
(Quit snickering Cain this has nothing to do with taking pictures at the bath house )
See, the guy at E. B. Ladd's had one of those old-fashioned hearing aids you put in your shirt pocket. So, whenever he used the phone,he'd talk in to the mouth piece of the receiver but would aim the ear piece at his shirt pocket.
Apparently at the time, this was more interesting than the inside of Estes.
Boy, was I a dummy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

You know how....

sometimes you have to read something 2 or 3 times before it sinks in?
Guess what part of this story I had to re-read:

AP NewsBreak: Patrick weighs 27 cent gas tax hike

By Glen Johnson, AP Political Writer | February 9, 2009

BOSTON --Gov. Deval Patrick is considering raising the gasoline tax in Massachusetts by 27 cents per gallon as part of a comprehensive transportation overhaul plan, The Associated Press learned Monday.

The proposal would stave off a doubling of Turnpike tolls planned for this summer, but would leave the state with the highest gasoline tax in the nation at 50.5 cents.

A policy draft obtained Monday by the AP said the added tax would be dedicated to paying down the debt of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, funding regional transit authorities and removing some tolls on the Massachusetts Turnpike.

Tolls would be removed west of Route 128 by the end of next year. Tolls within Route 128, from Westin to Boston, would come down as the state shifts to a program of tracking -- and charging -- all drivers based on the miles they travel.

Trips would be measured by a chip installed in a vehicle inspection sticker as soon as 2014, and drivers would receive a gas-tax refund to avoid double payments.

"The Patrick administration recognizes that a greener, more fuel-efficient transportation system means that the gas tax will become a less viable (means) of funding our transportation system," said the document prepared by Transportation Secretary James Aloisi. "A user-fee based system, collected electronically, is a fair way to pay for our transportation needs in the future."

An administration spokesman said the governor has made no final decisions about his plan, which is promised by the end of the month.

"We're finalizing our transportation reform plan," Patrick spokesman Joe Landolfi said. "It will be a comprehensive initiative, but no final decisions have been made -- especially on a gas tax."

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Well, you must have heard by now

Damn inter webs.
News travels so fast.
I said I was going heavy on the Youtube this week...but I didn't see this coming.
If it wasn't for this band, specifically Lux Interior & Poison Ivy, I wouldn't know about half the music I do.
RIP Lux worry?

I can't stand winter.
I'm a giant baby about it too.
Every year I say this is my last winter.
After seeing this from my window, I am beginning to think this year it's true.

What could it all mean?

It must have snowed in Hell last night, or the planets are aligned in some strange new way.
I don't know what to expect next.
Will this Jesus guy everyone talks about show up?
Will people finally realize Dane Cook is not only unfunny but also stealing other people's material?
Will Cain finally post good music?
I don't have these answers.
What I do know is I think these guys are fantastic:

No, seriously....I do.
In fact, if someone where to approach me and say they needed a drummer for such a thing I'd do it.
What I'm finding so surprising about my attraction to this band is not that they're a rap band (I know many of you won't believe this but there's a bunch of rap that I do's just 20 years old now) but that I didn't realize they were current when I heard them.
If you can figure out my musical tastes please let me know.
After this I have even less of an idea about what to say to people when they ask what kind of music I like.
I'll leave you all to your collective head explosions now...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So, I had a lot on my mind about the 50th anniversary of Buddy Holly's death....and I'd much rather be commemorating someone's birth....but I gotta admit I've had the wind taken from my sails a bit.
I've heard nothing on the radio about it, no one's said anything on TV and the lead story in the "Entertainment" section of most websites is about some actor's hissy-fit.
That's fine....hell, it may even be better this way.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

As big of a Gene Krupa fan as I am

I gotta get out of Buddy's way on this one.
Maybe this is why I think most new drummers are crap?
Try and watch it all the way through.
I know, it's long...hell, I can't even sit through 7 minutes of drum solo.
Oh...and I may be a bit heavy with the youtube this week...just so ya know.


You know things in your life have gone drastically wrong when the only running vehicle you have on the first of February is a 39 year old British motorcycle.