Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No big deal

Today a customer made what sounded like a snap decision when he decided not to sink any more money in to his aging vehicle.
"I'll just go buy a new one...probably over the weekend."
His lack of enthusiasm made me wonder what happened to the days of the entire neighborhood coming out to see so-and-so's new car as they pulled in to the driveway.
Hell, I can even remember Remo (the guy across the street from my childhood home, a car collector even before it was a hobby) saying, "You outta save that!" as my father scraped off the window sticker of his brand new Mustang.
Now, in 2009, I don't even know my neighbors other than a quick wave & avoiding the dirty looks they give my dog....I certainly won't be beating their door down when they bring home their new Subaru.

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