Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What could it all mean?

It must have snowed in Hell last night, or the planets are aligned in some strange new way.
I don't know what to expect next.
Will this Jesus guy everyone talks about show up?
Will people finally realize Dane Cook is not only unfunny but also stealing other people's material?
Will Cain finally post good music?
I don't have these answers.
What I do know is I think these guys are fantastic:

No, seriously....I do.
In fact, if someone where to approach me and say they needed a drummer for such a thing I'd do it.
What I'm finding so surprising about my attraction to this band is not that they're a rap band (I know many of you won't believe this but there's a bunch of rap that I do's just 20 years old now) but that I didn't realize they were current when I heard them.
If you can figure out my musical tastes please let me know.
After this I have even less of an idea about what to say to people when they ask what kind of music I like.
I'll leave you all to your collective head explosions now...


Cain said...

What is this "good" music of wgich you speak?

Cain said...