Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Ford Flex?

I had to go to my local Ford dealership today & I noticed a bunch of these things.
The one that caught my eye was this sort of Robin's egg blue & it really didn't look to bad against the white roof.
Compared to the other little Gruman/Divco looking boxes I've seen running around this thing really didn't look too bad.
The color, the high door sills, the body lines in the door...hell, I kinda liked it.
(Or at least didn't immediately hate it, which is easy to do with cars these days)
So, I went in, did what I had to do & figured I'd stop on the way out to satisfy my curiosity.
I pulled up to this thing still being impressed at the way it carried itself.
Simple, utilitarian, yet....kinda flashy.
Just enough of it's own style to stand ou.......wait.
What the fuck?
What's that sticker say?
Forty Four THOUSAND dollars?
$44,000 for this piece of shit?!?!?!
Are you kidding me?!?!
You know what kind of vehicular bliss I could pull off with 44K?!?!?!
This thing's a great $20,000 car all day long....and I don't really even know anyone with that much dough burning a hole in their pocket right now.
Who the hell would spend $44,000 on a car?!?!
Who CAN?!?!
We hear it on the news, in coffee shops and at the bar all day and night.
"Detroit's in trouble."
No shit Sherlock.
Can't figure out why huh?
(picture stolen from the inter-tubes...I didn't have my camera with me. Lesson learned)

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mark phelan said...

i was kinda diggin' them too. but wha? 44 grand? i could build 3 model As for that...