Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I've spent the better part of my 36 years

around old cars & motorcycles.
It wasn't until the advent of the internet that I heard the word "Patina."
I'm convinced it's either a made up, or misused word that someone with little experience said to someone with even less of a clue.
They in turn, thought it made them sound like they knew what they were talking about and started throwing it around every chance they got.
I can only assume from there, some of the bigger media outlets for these hobbies (who don't have much of a clue themselves and should know better) latched on to this new "Buzzword" in an attempt to fit in with the trendoids that make up their demographic.
Sort of "Trickle up vernacular" if you will.
At any rate, judging by the things that prompt the use of the word "Patina" I suspect it's just fancy talk for "Used" or as I like to put it "Lived in."
Much like this neat old Shovel spotted in the parking lot at the 2008 Brockton Fairground races (scattered throughout Goodish).
Although not high on my list, I would like something like this one of these days....AND something like the RD350 behind it. (Yes, I've got pictures of that too...stay tuned)

I never did run in to the owneer of this bike but would like to know what this is all about:


Cap'n Cornhole said...

Nice patina. Who painted it to look so old?

Duck-Duck-Goose said...

donnie tell the story about your kiwi bike, and is that your RD?