Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Estes Auto S p inc

This is, or was, Estes Auto Supply in Rockland, MA.
I'm sure it's no secret why I dig the building but could somene please tell me why I didn't go inside when I had the chance?
Actually, wait.
I know why.
I do remember the business being in full swing at least as late as 1990, but I would always travel the extra 1/8 of a mile to E.B. Ladd's.
Obviously at the time, I was young and foolish.
As much as I appreciated the coolness of Estes I was far more interested in watching the guy behind the counter at E.B. Ladd's talk on the phone.
(Quit snickering Cain this has nothing to do with taking pictures at the bath house )
See, the guy at E. B. Ladd's had one of those old-fashioned hearing aids you put in your shirt pocket. So, whenever he used the phone,he'd talk in to the mouth piece of the receiver but would aim the ear piece at his shirt pocket.
Apparently at the time, this was more interesting than the inside of Estes.
Boy, was I a dummy.

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