Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hornrims & Browlines

I've got friends who collect guns.
Friends who collect records, guitars, knives, microphones, watches, old radios, cylinder heads, motorcycles, antique medical equipment, you name it.
I can't, however, come up with anyone who collects eyeglasses...and you know what they say, "There's one if every crowd, and if you can't find them, well..."

I don't quite know how it happened.
Unlike most things I collect, where I go berserk & scoop up everything that comes my way, only to freak out & cut down to a livable number (It's perfectly reasonable for someone to cut down to 3 drum sets...right?) it seems I just woke up one day and asked myself, "How many pairs of glasses do I have anyhow?"
This neat little pair of Kenmark fades are pretty much indestructible.
The earpieces are spring loaded & fold 180 degrees.

The Modern Optical Cosmo is one of my favorites.
I can't really call them "Cool" 'cause, you know, they're giant honkin' glasses but they aren't your typical fade.

These are another Modern Optical model called "Chris."
I don't know who Chris is, but his hornrims are are just different enough to make people think they can relate them to something.
No, they aren't Buddy Holly glasses.
No, I'm not trying to be Elvis Costello and my apologies, I'm far from a hipster.

This pair of Shuron Ronsirs is what made me realize I've got a "Collection" of sorts.
These were my Grandfather's and the pair that sent me on this weird search for my own.
That's a long story I won't bore you with right now, although the outcome is kind of interesting.

There's some great detail on the Ronsir, and you'd actually be able to see it if I knew how to take a decent photograph.

In an attempt to find a pair of my own, I first had to settle for these Ray-Ban knock offs.
They aren't bad.
In fact, I like them a lot, they just weren't what I had in mind.
Goof Off took care of the company's name in giant white lettering on the outside of one of the ear pieces.

That pair of knock offs did eventually lead to these.
One of these days I'll tell you kids the story behind this pair.
After years of searching, NOS Shuron Ronsir from the mid 50's and on my face in a matter of days.

So, I doubt I'll ever get my own episode of Hoarders but I can say now that I'm always on the look out for interesting glasses.
What else, aside from blunt trauma, can alter someone's face so quickly?

Christ, I need a life.


txdennis said...

I don't see anything wrong! I got a pair for ea day of the week, though I tend to wear my spotlites & b&l rb2140s most

missinglink said...

`I cut DOWN to three drum kits ` , that statement says so much .
I wear contact lenses , but not vintage ones , obviously .

Bridgerator said...

What do we have here? One for fiction, one for nonfiction, mystery novels, car mags, technical manuals?

mark phelan said...

do you get lenses made for your Rx for all of them? cool little collection, and very different. but what is richie if not different???

Richie said...

Yes sir, all fully, except my Grandfather's.
I'm leaving them the way the are.