Thursday, January 14, 2010

Like I've got nothing better to do

Awhile ago I'm sure I mentioned screwing up the tank on my own "Little" Shovel project by doing this.
Well. today was the day I decided to drag it back out again, & search through the vaults for another suitable 1/12 scale tank.
Sure enough, ('cause I'm a raging geek) I've got one.
In here:

When I bough this goofy kit I really wasn't quite sure why but I had been assuming it would some day bail me out parts-wise.
Also, if anyone cares, like all the other Imex motorcycle kits there's some pretty cool bits to be found.
The only hang up is, they're all green.
Here's where it stands at the moment:

And yes, I too know people who've completed actual motorcycles in the time it's taken me to get this far.
Spare me.
Christ, I need a life.
Have I said that yet this week?

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