Thursday, June 18, 2009

My own "Little" Shovel project

A while back I mentioned I had a little shovel project of my own happening. 'Cause, you know, when you've got a bazillion more important things to be doing, it's always best to waste time with plastic toys.

Now's a good time to mention that, if you're squeamish about "Ruining" or otherwise "Devaluing" rare-ish & harder to find model kits it might be a good idea to go listen to the best playlist in blog world over on Missinglink's, nicely ask Cain for an update, or look on in horror here as monkeys learn to use firearms.

I'm sure no one knows this but I've got a pretty decent little pile of motorcycle models & I'm going to say it's my hot rod upbringing that facilitates cutting up the ones that are harder to find.
Like this Triumph.
Which, for the hipsters keeping score at home, now sports things like a Model A tail light on what used to be the front fender:

Anyhow, this time around it's Revell's old Chain Gang chopper, that they want to sit like this:

Not that there's anything wrong with that really, I just had something different in mind & until the model companies start making what I want, I gotta "fix" that they gave me.

It seems like it may just need a little off the top.

According to the date on the box, this kit has been untouched since 1973 yet, with one uneven cut the "Collector" types can have a teeny little conniption.

Of course, there's nothing a little 2 part epoxy and some time upside down can't fix.

After taking away most of the forks, this is what I was after.

Now, being the geek that I am, I've got a hefty little stock pile of tanks & I wanted to try my hand at what the magazines always referred to as an "Axed Fat Bob".
(Did I get that right? I'm never good with the lingo)

Here's the beginnings of the hack job on this tank.

Some cutting, filing, sanding and puttying & I am ending up with this lopsided alien looking thing.

Obviously there is still some more puttying that needs to be done but I am hoping to be able to fake it enough.
I've kind of always thought of my models as "suggestions" more than anything.

All this work might wind up being for nothing I figure out how to get a tunnel in the bottom of the tank.
Right now I think it's going to involve some drilling....I want it to sit down over the backbone.

Yup....nothing says, "I've never been with a woman!" quite like customizing little plastic vehicles.


Cain said...

I guess I need to get off my ace and update. I think I got a little something for later at least.

missinglink said...

I like the Triumph , but I think you`re going to have ground clearance issues on that Shovel.
I`m no good with terminology either , isn`t that one of those `bobber` tanks I read about?

Mad River Motor Company said...

Nothing says awesome like recording photographically an erudite man at play with his toys