Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Whoever "They" are

They always say you shouldn't speak ill of the dead....so I am having kind of a hard time coming up with something to say about another one of The Ventures kicking it.

At one point, this band was super important to me.
So important in fact, I remember exactly where I was (Heading north up rt 128) when I heard Mel Taylor had died.

Oddly, it was the first tour after Mel had died, one with his son playing drums, that I got a chance to meet them & I kind of wish I never had.

30 years after their prime & they were nothing but arrogant and dismissive.
Now, I wasn't looking for an ass kissing or anything but you would think a band that could have easily become Vegas Elvis would be a little more appreciative of the people that held them in such high esteem.


Bob Bogle is dead.
75 is a good run for anyone, especially a musician.

Here's some pics of the T bucket from the cover of "The Ventures in Space"

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