Saturday, June 6, 2009

We're just gonna make our own rules apparently

My gal's brother Michael went down on his bike last night.
He's fine, although the bike is kind of munged up.
As the story goes, the guy in front of him puts his "Hazards" on and pulls to the right.
As Michael starts to go by, the guy in the car whips a U-turn & they kind of hit head on.
Now, the guy in the car said he didn't see the bike, but also wanted to know why Michael didn't know he was going to pull a U-turn (ON a double yellow line road no less).
I mean, he did put his hazards on.
When did this mean, "Hey, I'm going to pull a U-turn...NOW!"
I'm not sure what's worse, this guy thinking his four-ways give him a license to be "Hazardous" or the fact that he tells Michael he is going to let him know how much it will cost to repair the damage his bike did to the car.


missinglink said...

In England we call them `Do what you like lights`.
Driver sounds like a dick.

Cain said...

That sucks. Just had a guy at work go down hard last week. Left hand turn in front of him, and he t-boned the car. Broken neck and coma.

Glad to head Michael's wasn't worse.