Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And here I thought it was me

There was something I was missing (or so I thought) about these, I don't know what to call them, "Scenester" Car Shows?

You know the ones.
The flyers are pretty formulaic & usually have some kind of pin up girl, switchblade, tattooed tough guy (or all of the above) with words like "Pre 1960 something or another, traditional, blah, blah, blah" all in an effort to attract the (K)coolest of (K)cats and the hippest of (C?)kittens.

Yet, I show up ('cause I still haven't learned my lesson) to find some alleged "Rockabilly" band covering a Springsteen song & a group of tattooed greaser/hipster types listening to crummy hip-hop?


Do I not get "It"?
This seemed to be even more off their self-advertised mark than the convertible GTO or the 80's style "Street Rod" I walked by.
Or this is their idea of some kind of.....tradition?

Now, I'm fully aware that I am coming across as some kind of "Hot Rod Snob" or, better yet, a douche bag.
I know exactly why & it's fully separate from the every day "Hard-to-pleasedness" I suffer when it comes to cars.

Sometime back in the mid/late 90's (That still sounds weird to me) there was a flyer floating around announcing the formation of a new "Hot Rod" club that was going to "Show the guys in California how its done."

Excuse me....what?
You're going to show what to who?

I never quite understood how a couple of guys sporting the rockabilly uniform & a 4 door 60's family sedan (who's only modification was a Schlitz can puke tank) were gonna show the guys out west how to do anything any more than I understood how (or why) they spelled both words in the name of their car club wrong.

So, you'll have to forgive my high expectations when it comes to these...genre specific?
Era specific?
Scene specific car shows.
It's really not the fault of anyone involved.
It's the attitude that I perceive (there's my little disclaimer) as being part of the uniform.

I don't get it:

However, before you start calling me "Debbie Downer", of the small handful of cars at the latest "Hot Rod Civil War Re-Enactment" These knocked my socks off:

Then, of course, there's The Alter Boys.
Not only do the do one hell of a job with a show of their own, their cars just have the right look & feel.


mark phelan said...

when i got there, all that was left was the 'scene.'

it scares me when you talk in words. it only serves to remind me that i might actually think a little like you. and that frightens me to death...

missinglink said...

I hate Bruce Springsteen.