Monday, January 18, 2010

Kill Your Television

It’s no wonder why I don’t know what the hell anyone is talking about anymore.
Apparently Barret-Jackson has their own channel now, and I am holding them personally responsible for all these ridiculous new labels.
Clearly these labels are just more words we can throw on the pile of dung that is the Trickle up Vernacular but one in particular has left me scratching my head.
Across their stage rolled what appeared to be a 1970 Chevelle, yet the caption in the upper right hand corner of my screen told me that this $34,000 Chevy was a “1970 Re-Creation.”
I’m sorry, a what?
Now, I don’t know much but I’m pretty sure I was looking at an actual car.
Unless of course, it was sculpted from tofu, but I’d like to think the bobble-headed idiot with a microphone (I’m sorry, but I’m beginning to think Steve Magnante is the only person on that stage who knows what he’s talking about) would have mentioned something.
I realize it’s all just semantics, but really, why should I be expected to follow along?
I’m trying my best to live in my own world.
A world where it’s either a Hot Rod, a Custom (yes, with a “C”) or, if you can stand it, a car.
The next time someone tells me about their “Super detailed authentic resto-modded hand made re-creation of a pro touring switch bladed rockabilly-eriffic rough and tumble bobbed psycho death machine” they’re getting nothing but a blank stare.
Or maybe a little dance.
Depends on my mood.


Rivet said...

Right on Rich!

Natalie said...

I could swear one of last night's Hagerty Fantasy Bid cars was tofu. Am I mistaken?