Saturday, April 25, 2009

If you know one thing about the Boston "Rock" scene...

You should know that winning the WBCN "Rumble" (some lame ass local music "Battle of the Bands" for lack of a better description) is usually the kiss of death.
Now, I have absolutely no interest in going to see bands "compete" for anything, especially when some commercial radio station is in charge of picking the "winner" but I did find myself at the "finals" the other night...mainly because the special guest band was The Outlets.
Other than that...all I can say about the night is, judging by the winner, generic pop seems to be what sells.
I'd never heard of the winning band until that night & quite frankly, I'm OK with that.
I will say, the total surprise of the night had to be Gene Dante & The Future Starlets.
If you like that late model Damned sound with all the flamboyance of a wanna-be rock star this band might be your bag.
I don't really know what has happened to the local music scene that this band's sound is what now what stands out to me...but what do I know anyhow?
I hate's got too many notes.

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