Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A little less awkward

So, I felt a little less out of place walking around the motorcycle section of Japanese Car and Motorcycle day & there was comfort in knowing I wouldn't be subjected to any "Bobbers" made from plumbing parts and electrical conduit.
I did notice a major lack of choppers though.
There's just not enough Jap powered choppers in the area, which means I've really gotta get my ass in gear.

OK, so, there was one.

This may have been the coolest bike there but I couldn't handle the "Presentation" the owner was giving every fifteen seconds.

I wanted to do stupid things on both this:

and this:

This is begging to be painted like The Hinomaru...don't make me be the one to do it...

And this had 50% more motor than my gal's car, with 50% less wheel.

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missinglink said...

Those CBXs were just awesomely ridiculous .