Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Growing up

My favorite pastime was pedaling down to the spot where the local gearheads hung out.
I like to think this particular group of guys let me hang around 'cause I was pretty well behaved, for a little kid.
I kept quiet, took in what I could & most importantly I never touched anything.
It's more than likely, however, that these guys put up with a nerdy 10 year old kid 'cause they were all friends with my father.
Either way, I'm grateful for having been there.
Looking back there's always been something about the cars from that group.
They were always tasteful, especially considering this was the late 70's & early 80's.
It's easy really, and I beat my brains out to this day trying to figure out why more people don't follow the simple
guidelines to a tasteful car.
Keep a stock "Gut" (more later), strong motor, a good sounding exhaust, wheels, and above all else, make sure the car is clean.
In fact, and this will answer some questions for some of you, I distinctly remember being sent home by the guy who owns this car because my bicycle was too dirty.
"Never show up with your rig looking like that!" was his advice.

This past weekend, I ran in to one of the guys from that group of way back when.
Of course, he's still doing it....just the way you're suppose to.

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