Monday, February 1, 2010

I learned a few things this past weekend.

Middle aged people who don't get out much, like only when they can find a babysitter, and use that opportunity to scream like they are watching Manchester United, dance in a way that would embarrass Annie Sprinkle and get puke-wearing fall down drunk all before 9 p.m. should really have their own place to go.
Stay the hell out of my hang outs.

John Bender has influenced me more than I care to admit.

People seem to prefer to watch bands through the screen on their telephone.

Cheap Trick's good stuff is still good, their schmaltz is still schmaltz and I'm only 3 degrees from Kevin Bacon.

Here's some photos I took a few hours ago over in Cambridge.

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mark phelan said...

3 degrees? wow. you're almost famous.