Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I wouldn't call it "Trespassing "

So much as just, "Knowing where to go."
There was an indoor motorcycle/fashion show/sausage fest this past weekend at a local "Exposition Center" & I've always found, if you look like you are suppose to be there, it's never a problem to just kind of slide in on "Set up" night.
Having done this year, after year, after year, at both this and the big car show that goes on, I've been able to avoid a ton of the un pleasantries you're apt to find at this sort of affair.
I don't have to look on in horror as some dumb ass parent lets his kid stand on someone's hood to get a better look at a local sports person.
I won't bristle when I hear some steak head tell his friend how much better his bike is gonna be once all the bad-assery he ordered shows up in the mail.
I certainly don't run the risk of being shoved from behind by some doughy under-sexed buffoon, rushing to be first in line for his Polaroid with some plastic-injected swimsuit model and I definitely won't be impeded by the ridiculous lines to buy the autograph of some C-list celebrity.
Nope, set up night is beautiful.
Perhaps my favorite thing to do in the winter.
I can walk around in my own little world and be horrified in the privacy of my head as I try to take in the bullshit people pass off as "Custom", or whatever the label of the month happens to be.
Wel...having said that, I will say this:
I was a bit surprised to find a some cool stuff mixed in with all the plastic do-dads, "Psycho, Old SKool, Retro, Thing-a-ma bobbers,"racks of clothes, stick on tattoo booths, professional rhinestone installers (artists?) and two-wheeled couches.
Here's a few, keeping in mind I've never been a ble to take a decdent picture in that place....or anywhere for that matter.

Should I warn you now (or keep to myself) the rest of the pictures from this are pretty much two-wheeled weirdness?


mark phelan said...

i think my favorite is the american flag lawn chair...

Natalie said...

Trespassing and photography on set up day. Unbelievable. I thought this was a post 9/11 world.

Richie said...

If I don't get in to these shows without paying, the terrorists have truly won!