Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I seem to have taken up a new hobby

I've had this weird cough for awhile now, so in an attempt to clear my lungs I've been getting up in the morning and walking through the woods near my house.
That's right, walking, not hiking.
Hiking is for guys with beards & people who wear sandals.

I didn't notice this picture 'till I got home.
How many faces do you see?


Rivet said...

"Hiking is for guys with beards & people who wear sandals"

You forgot, eat granola and tofu.

That post reminds me I should get out of the hood more often, thanks.

missinglink said...

We call this pastime `Rambling` , careful Richie , it`s a short step from there to Anoraks and Jethro Tull records .
Hope your cough clears up .