Thursday, October 29, 2009

Signs of life II, Portland

"Hardly any homeless!" says the hippy.
These are all over the place for kicks.

I was expecting a lot of clogs & beards.
Portland certainly didn't disappoint!

This kept the kids in line at Satyricon.

Now, we all know scribbling on walls is just graffiti

unless, of course, someone is paying you to do it.

And sometimes, you have to take its advice.

Being from Boston, where the zoning is so strict you can't even talk about strip clubs in certain parts, I found it odd that some of them looked like book stores....

while some of the book stores looked like....well, OK this one was legit, but it could have fit right in back home.

Of course, some were a little more obvious.

So....yeah, Portland is weird....just....not the kind of weird they want.


txdennis said...

I fuckin' love portland

missinglink said...

Never trust a hippy.
Love that last pic.