Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The hippy sitting next to me on the plane was from Portland.
Said, "There's hardly any homeless people."
Turns out, that was his idea of a practical joke.
It just had to be.
Homeless, strip clubs, neon & hipsters...that's all there is.
HOWEVER it was a great freakin time.
Really cool old buildings, a great history (if you like kidnapping) good music, fan-freakin-tastic food everywhere you turn, and a "Chinatown" with all of about 10 Chinese people. (Which explained why the big restaurant was "The House of Louie")
This is what we saw from the hotel.

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missinglink said...

I want to go to the House of Louie , in my mind it`s a Kingsmen themed bar , with waiters dressed as Richard Berry , please don`t spoil the dream for me .