Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Following the trend for a change

I'm sure both have you have noticed that the "cool" thing to do is post old Hell's Angels photos, even if they've been lifted from other people's blogs, message boards or the Life archives.
I know, I know, everyone does it.
I'm not judging you.
Since everyone knows what kind of "Joiner-inner" I am it should come as no surprise that I'm doing the same thing.
Sort of.
I've got a couple of issues if Beau magazine kicking around.
Evidently it was a British men's magazine back in the 60's & this particular issue had an article on "The Club".
Something tells me I'm breaking all kinds of rules by scanning magazines but hell, there's some good stuff in these (aside from the obvious).
I've just got to learn how to make larger scans.

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Cain said...

That bathing suit is fab