Saturday, November 7, 2009

Light dawns on Marblehead

I was up early this morning & caught this recording of Sing Sing Sing on Harvard's radio station.
Now, I'd heard it plenty of times.
At one point I owned the boxed set that came of this show but it took someone else reading the name of Benny's payroll that night for me to realize just how big of a deal it was.

Lifted from Wikipedia if there's any objections:

The Benny Goodman Orchestra

* Benny Goodman, clarinet, vocal, and leader
* Chris Griffin, Ziggy Elman, Harry James, trumpets
* Red Ballard, Vernon Brown, trombones
* George Koenig, Art Rollini, Babe Russin, Hymie Schertzer, reed instruments
* Jess Stacy, piano
* Teddy Wilson, piano (BG trio and quartet only)
* Lionel Hampton, vibraphone (BG quartet only)
* Allan Reuss, guitar
* Harry Goodman, bass
* Gene Krupa, drums
* Martha Tilton, vocal

Additional Personnel

* Count Basie, piano
* Harry Carney, baritone saxophone
* Buck Clayton, trumpet
* Freddie Green, guitar
* Bobby Hackett, cornet
* Johnny Hodges, alto saxophone
* Walter Page, bass
* Lester Young, tenor saxophone

Say, while I'm on the subject of good music it's WMBR's fund raising week, why not go make a pledge?
If you need convincing, go here & pick a show to listen to!

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