Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Someone help me out here?

What's the word for "Not giving enough of a shit to complain?"

I'd been hearing since August about the Motorama room at this year's World of Wheels.

Supposedly it was to be filled with "Traditional Hot Rods and Customs."


I'm not really surprised about what I found in said "Room".
Anytime a subculture gains in popularity it's gonna get bludgeoned to death by the bandwagon.

Thing is,(As the kids say) I'm pretty sure the bludgeoning happened about 10 years ago.

Now, it's just some stupid fucking parody that's left me with this weird voice in my head.
It (The voice) sounds a lot like Rakim (Don't ask, this is why I can't ever answer the question, "So, what kind of music do you like?") saying, "Shitbox Alley."

Crap, did that sound like a complaint?
My apologies, really.

Of course, there were a few nice cars in among the crap, and maybe it's just my dim view of the general public, but something tells me they got over looked.

These, apparently, qualify as "Traditional blah, blah, blah" in 2010.

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Natalie said...

A) There is nothing either beneath or above complaint. It's a paradox.

B) I stand by my previous comment of anything "rama"

C) "Pumping Iron" is, like, totally hot.