Saturday, December 13, 2008

Braintree Auto Exchange

Any creative ideas as to where this was?
I've had this photo for a bunch of years & no one seems to remember where this place was.
I assume it was someplace in East Braintree & judging by the railroad tracks may have been somewhere along where Rt. 3 is now?
Perhaps by the Elm St. overpass?


William said...

I think I you may be in luck as I have seen that picture before.
Follow this link and admire my internet searching genius...hehehehe.
it is near the bottom of the page

Richie said...

Your internet sleuthsmanship never ceases to amaze.
That's a great site!

KnuckleBuster said...

I asked my dad and he knew exactly where it used to be - without even seeing the picture, he could guess the year (give or take a couple) because I mentioned the train tracks, even said he could get there if he had to, but he has no idea of road names or landmarks since everything has changed since he was out that way.

Those old guys, I'm tellin' ya.

Richie said...

You're kidding!
Your dad's from the area?

KnuckleBuster said...

No, that's the amazing thing! He's been in the bus business all his life and logged a lot of miles behind the wheel. Add to that a love (some call it a sickness) for a great car deal (my mother started counting the cars he's had after they got married - she stopped at 200 when I was born) and a memory for the oddest facts and you've got my dad.