Thursday, December 18, 2008

Why?!??! Why?!?!?

No, that's not my Nancy Kerrigan impersonation.
Not this time.
Why can't you just walk in to what passes for a "record" store these days and buy an Eddie Cochran cd?
All the Cold Dust (or whatever) a guy could want....but Eddie Cochran?
Hell...I might as well be looking for Buddy Grecco.


William said...

record store???? whats that?? download it in all its MP3 glory and put it in your ipod.... you do have an ipod don't you??

the good captain said...

Dude, quit resisting. Grab a Cheetah Girls CD and fall in line with the rest of the automatons.

verification word; ductout (?)

missinglink said...

`You can`t have too much Eddie Cochran`. Joe Strummer
`Record shops are shit now`.Missinglink