Monday, December 22, 2008

Hey music nerds?

Anyone have the track listing for "At the Party Too?"...that compilation that was out on...I wanna say Candy Cane records?
I lost all my track info for some reason....and I'm at least trying to find out who did the first song..."At the Zoo".
Please feel free to either post it here, or you can just e-mail me at


William said...

would that be Ghoti Hook, I didn't think you meant simon and garfunkle

Richie said...

I'm sorry's neither.
Obscure group/singer from the late 50's/early 60's.
What kills me is I owned this record...I have no idea where it went.

general gow said...

i figured i'd try a google search, which i was sure you had already done, and found two returns. one was this blog, and the other was a post on the noise from 2 years ago by none other

i think maybe you are the only one who owned this record.

Richie said...

Mickey Lee Lane!!
Thank you Kogar.
If anyone's interested, the song in question can be heard here: