Thursday, December 4, 2008

Meet the new boss.....same as the old boss

Well, that sucked.
I'm not even sure I want to hear the answer those jack-booted thugs at Microsoft would spew if I mentioned the coincidence between the arrival of the biggest "shopping weekend" of the year and the viral infection my now "old computer" caught.
You know the one...the one that manifests itself on the restore files of Windows XP rendering it totally useless.
"What's that? A virus that renders XP useless? Oh...we don't know anything about that. Hell, we're phasing XP out anyhow, why don't you just run along and pick up a copy of our new Windows Vista? Oh! Your machine won't exactly support a new operating system? Well then, have you priced new computers these days?"

I really think I should have bought a Mac.
Oh...and if anyone cares......I still need a job.


Cain said...

I've been seriously thinking about a MAC also. Never hear anything but good news with them.

If Vista is so great, how come most people downgrade to XP, hmmmmmm?

William said...

welcome back..(verification word = spitc)

Biddy said...

Mac baby!