Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 Boston World of WTF?

At the risk of sounding like every two-bit stand up comic out there, ever notice the different connotations "What the fuck?" can have?
Now, I realize it's semantics but the other night it seemed to be the most used phrase.
When I first stumbled across this:

I immediately thought, "What the fuck? This thing is awful!"
Then, maybe 15 feet away I run in to this thing:

And I thought, "What the fuck? This thing is awful.....and awesome!
This thing:

has my head spinning in so many different directions I'm liable to puke up a leopard print interior.
But this, THIS

is just beautiful.
Beautiful in the way only a drippy Corvette "Show Car" can be.

Now, I know I'm passing judgment here but something tells me the owner of the "Rat Rod" would probably get all pissy and start jumping up and down waving around a copy of "Poop Clodz" (Thanks R.f.) telling me I don't know what I am talking about, which is fine.
It would just provoke another "What the fuck?"
Probably with the same exasperated tone as when I couldn't get a God damned profile shot of this:

....and I tried.
I followed that guy around for a good half an hour!
The mullet isn't as easy to capture as it used to be, even at a car show.

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Cain said...

Is that a missle launcher on the side of that car in the 3rd pic?!