Monday, January 12, 2009

So, here's the post with "Why?" for a title

I told you it was it is.
Now, I can appreciate imports....I really can.
In fact, I'm not ruling out owning an Evo or WRX at some point in my life.
I know I'm risking "Kool Kid points" but cars with an insane power to weight ratio that can handle?
Who wouldn't want that?
So, I don't mind seeing them at car shows...but these things?
As best I can tell they are just two-tone paint (that needed to be wet sanded & buffed by the way) and ugly wheels.
Am I missing something here?

The new heard it here first.


Cain said...

Nothing like a Camry with a "custom" paint scheme. Cool paint makes it go faster

general gow said...


KnuckleBuster said...

Yeah, but black paint is heavier because of all the pigment and therefore slower, right?