Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm all messed up for the dance

Three American Dollars if you can tell me who I'm quoting there.
Anyhow, all this work (Yeah, "All this work" Cain goes and rebuilds his whole bike in the time it takes me to adjust valves and do some cleaning..I'm such a loser) and it looks no different than last year.
And I know both of you were wondering what I was gonna do about the bars.
Well....I got a set that I think is gonna work out just fine, I just need more brake cable.
I also need a job (again) so the brake cable might have to wait.

Oh...and while cleaning I figured I'd try this other tank on just for kicks.
I kinda like it.....this may be the last summer for this bike in this configuration.
I've always had a thing for early sixties style show bikes.
I may start by re-upholstering the garage in angel hair.

1 comment:

Cain said...

So I guess we could say you need a new "Broke" cable? Oh snapple! (wow that sucked, I deserve a kick in the nads)

Bike looks good. I really like that other tank too. I think you should gp with the 60's style you're thinking about.