Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What say you?

Alright....I know there's at least 3 of you out there so I am coming to you for opinions.
I've been having handle bar issues lately with the Triumph.
Namely, I hate them all & have now started to look elsewhere for ideas.
Last year at this time, the most important thing was "skinny"...but that was last year.
The more I look at the front of my bike, the more I hate it....so until I can do something about the cyclops head light (maybe the front end all together)I'm thinking I should try to get the grips further away from the bucket....does that make sense?
This is the most current.
They're skinny enough (28" end to end) but have this weird pullback to them which makes me think they are for a model with that headlight nacelle and so forth.
(sorry, more crummy pictures...if I new when I was taking them that I'd be trying to focus on the bars I'd have paid more attention)

I was toying around with lopping a few inches off these...skinny is still important:

But the more I look the more I'm thinking of something "stock-ish"
For the heck if it....it has had both chrome and black drag bars (broom sticks of you prefer)

And...for the hell of it....it once looked like this as well:

So.......any thoughts?


KnuckleBuster said...

What about a narrow set of "Daytona" bars? You know, a little bit of rise, a little bit of pull back.

mark phelan said...

well, i ain't no bike guy. too busy fooling myself that i am a car guy to be one.

but i am an aesthetic guy, and i can tell you that i like the look of the black drag bars , and i think the current set up might be helped if the headlight were lower. but what do i know?

missinglink said...

I think the higher bars look best with that light . I think you need to lose the big headlight and go with some stock 60s bars.
All that said , I think the bike looks great as is.

Cain said...

I dig the drags, or you could just sell the bike to me and I could put a narrow glide front end on it......