Tuesday, April 6, 2010

An exchange worth saving

Ever had one?
Or, at least, over hear one?
I really wish there was some kind of running tab on these things, other than my memory.
That would certainly free up my brain for more important things.
Paying bills, filing taxes, eating.

Wait a minute.....

Regardless, there's one that's always stuck in my head.

I was at a friend's shop, late one night about a million years ago.
Things may have gotten a touch loud when a neighbor knocked on the door.
"Jesus Donnie," he says to my friend, "It's after midnight for God's sake! I can hear you out in the middle of the street!"
Without skipping a beat my friend turns to him and says, "What the hell are you doing standing in the middle of the street? It's after midnight! Go in your house and go to bed!"

Yesterday I must have been channeling my friend.
I walk up to a parts counter with a speed nut in my hand & tell the guy I need 2 bolts that will fit it.
"How long do you need them?" he asks.
My reply?
"I meed them forever!"

I can be such an idiot.


Natalie said...

So, you are the representative jackass who puts my husband in a bad mood at least once a week. Parts countermen are people too, you know.

Richie said...


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