Monday, April 5, 2010


You know how I feel about stealing internet content, imagine how frosted I get about stolen motorcycles.
This was taken earlier today from Kent, England, but it doesn't hurt to repost everywhere.


Roo had his BSA stolen , from around the Tonbridge area of Kent today .
If you get offered a dodgy A7 , reg no TSL 120 , ca7 4727(eng) , ga7 6363(frame),
or parts of it , contact me via e.mail, or leave a comment . You can comment anonymously and you don`t have to be registered as a blogger .
This is not a rich mans plaything , it`s a proper working bike , that the owner has a ton of history with , the man needs his bike back .

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missinglink said...

Thanks Richie , I think we all feel it a little when someone gets their bike pinched , it`s a biker thing .