Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Decline of Western Civilization Part....? The Crank Cycle

And here they thought music would be our downfall.
Now, I try not to be too "Political" and I could really give a flying fuck about current "events" but all this yelling and carrying on at "Town Hall Meetings" has got to stop.
It accomplishes nothing and makes you look like a 4 year old who was just told you couldn't have a quarter for the gumball machine.
If you have a question to ask, or a point to make, learn to do it like a human being before you leave the house.
You're not being part of the solution, you're adding to the problem.
In fact, you're really just giving affirmation to the opinions the rest of the world has of us.

Jon Stewart did a great bit on why this happens & although The Daily Show is "Fake" news, it holds more merit than anything on Fox, MSNBC, CNN, or any of these other so-called "News" outlets.

Unfortunately, all I can find on Youtube has the segment broken up in to 2 parts.
If you've got the time, the set up is all in part one.
If you don't, the real genius starts around 6:20 & you only have to watch part two up to the first break (2:40)
Oh! Also, watch for motorcycle content!

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