Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's funny

I'm almost embarrassed to admit how many people's blog things I read on a daily basis.
So many in fact, I tend to notice a lot of the same subjects blog to blog.
Music, movies, bikes, ideas...a whole bunch of things & sometimes I wonder how much is coincidence.
Today's had to be.
There's no way it could be anything but.
Two different sites, two different subjects & pictures taken years apart both with 65 Buick Skylarks (or maybe Specials? I'm not gonna be that particular) in them.
Now, I don't expect anyone to know, nor do I expect any of you to care, but my old car was a 65 Skylark.
I got it just out of high school and went everywhere....and no where.
I loved this car more than anything, and yes, I cleaned it as often as I do my bike.
Someday it may come back around again....although it's been almost 20 years....
Good God....
Anyhow, it was (er, still is I suppose) a real deal black plate California car with all the paper work, Protecto-Plate, the whole bit.

Just ad the right wheel & tire set up (14 & 15 inch Cragars and Pro-Tracs thank you very much) and you get "Instant hot rod".

Also, like my bike, I've got a ton of pictures that I am sure only I am interested I won't bore you any further...other than with this one.
The view out the rear window.
Usually, where my car was, an impractically low 60 Plymouth was not far behind.

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Bridget said...

I hope you get the ol' gal back on the tar