Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I do what I want!

While sitting in an unnecessary line of traffic, trying to make the guy in front of me's (I know that's not proper English) head explode, I heard something over the radio that got me thinking.
Apparently, although still below the national average, seat belt use in Massachusetts is on the rise.
This, they say, can be attributed to this new "Seat Belt" law the state passed last year in which, if you are stopped for a "Primary" offense, you can also be ticketed for not wearing a seat belt.
So while I'm sitting, hoping there's some kind of catastrophic disaster at the end if this seemingly infinite line of "Safe" looking cars in front of me, I got to thinking.
My thoughts, as they often do, quickly turned to anger.
I'm looking around at all these new cars & its immediately registering that they are all loaded with these "Safety" features we've been told we are suppose to have.
I'm 36 years old.
That's old enough to decide if I want to wear a seat belt or not.
It's old enough to decide if I want my doors locked, when my windshield wipers come on, or whether or not I should have my headlights on.
It's also old enough to decide if I want to get smashed in the face by some super exploding pillow, cocooned in some kind of side impact protected, crumple zoned carnival ride, or actually have a fighting change at retaining control of a vehicle in the event of an accident.
Maybe, if things weren't so safe, some of these ding bats who think its OK to do other things in their safe little transportation pods aside from driving them, wouldn't be around so long, freeing up the roadways for people who actually like to approach the speed limit from time to time.

Oh, and of course, in true Massachusetts fashion, by the time traffic freed up it was apparent we were all stopped for absolutely no reason at all.

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