Thursday, July 16, 2009

1950 O'Mahony

I did this one all backwards.
The gal and I stumbled across The Mill Pond one Sunday afternoon.
It was closed, which actually made it easier to take some crummy pictures.
Just last week Bugles and I took a good ride back down to it for breakfast, yet I didn't take one picture.
Pretty standard diner food but a great, great car.
The interior was just worn in enough to make me think it was original & after a little inter tube sleuthing I found most if it is.
The booths have been reupholstered but with a blue as close to original as could be found.

I did not take these last three interior shots but stole them from the interwebs.
I wanted to post them 'cause the wear on the original formica counter is more visible.


KnuckleBuster said...

That looks VERY similar to a couple of cars out by me. They're both on the Taconic Parkway and still going strong. There used to be 3 of them, but when the Thru-way went in, the third became useless except to the 5 locals within traveling distancee and it was moved somewhere else.

Nice shots.

mark phelan said...

what an awesome looking place. i suppose this one is nearby too? i bet i've driven past it a hundren thousand times...

mark phelan said...

oh, it's there. yeah, i found it on my own with some fancy googlesloothing. and i just made up a new word. i am so proud of myself.