Saturday, July 25, 2009


I don't usually post on the weekends but I'm around & I found something everyone should read.
While flipping through The Rodder's Journal I found it, right there on page 40 of issue number 44.
In their article on dry lakes racing in Nevada in the early 50's it says, in relation to the accompanying pictures, "Something you might find interesting while perusing these photos with today's eyes is the lack of "rat rods," or semi-finished cars. in fact, a number of the cars at the lake event shown here were actual show-winners...""


missinglink said...

There`s more truth in one R.J. than 20 editions of Ol`RatRodzRoolOK Monthly .
*sigh* If only there was more two wheeled content .

Richie said...

Heh....the best one I've heard so far has been "Poop Klodz Magazine"

mark phelan said...

aha, aha! i read that paragraph 3 times. "did he just SAY that?" it.