Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More hot rod than custom

I was at a very non-scenester car show a few weeks ago & totally fell in love with this 54 Ford.

Every time I see one of these they automatically become the coolest things on Earth & it wasn't until last night that I figured out why.
As an impressionable teen I'd see Big John running around all over the place in this one:

20 years before Jimmie Vaughn's (sorry) this car was it for me.
The blue lexan windows, Lancer hubcaps....and underneath, well....
It was more hot rod than anything.
Apparently at one point it was an old drag car & had a pretty worked over Ford motor (I honestly forget what it was, other than OHV & a single four barrel on top of a tunnel ram type set up) & these killer ladder bars I wish I had pictures of.

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