Thursday, November 13, 2008

Boy, Dad was right

I really am an idiot!
Why would I ever use this little button that says, "add image" when I can go through all those extra steps of putting pictures to a Photobucket account first?!?!
Of course, now when you click them they're bound to be huge...sorry 'bout that.


Cain said...

Just fingered that one out huh? Boy howdy, you're a smert one. :)

I on the other hand, am so uncomputer literate, (I think I'm actually quite illiterate!) that I can't figure out how to post pictures other than uploading them.

I think we're on different ends of the spectrum my friend. Nice pics though, I think I know some of the guys that ride those motorbikes...

missinglink said...

Is it uncool to say I like the LD Lambretta the best?