Thursday, November 13, 2008

OK, THIS is why

Collectively, as a generation, we suck.
Take a look at this picture I stole from Shorpy

What struck me about the picture isn't the androgynous baby fashion of the day (good Christ, please accept this as written permission to stab me in the face with a Space Pen if I ever say "androgynous baby fashion" again.....ever) but the simple fact that these kids of what? A year and a half? Two? (I've never been good at guessing ages, especially a baby's...and it doesn't help that all the white ones look the same)are sitting on a bench.
A plain, wooden bench.
No seat belts,no back support, no neck restraint, no child safety lock, no helmets, just a freakin' bench.
I'm sure the corners aren't even rounded...and look how high off the ground they are!!
My God!
What if one fell!
No one in their right mind would allow this to happen today....if they did they'd sure to be whisked off to jail under some child endangerment law and these kids would be put in to some stranger's home where, of course, they could be in danger.
That being said....its a good chance all these kids are dead now anyway.


William said...

I don't have a space pen, but how about a fountain pen that writes under whipped cream

Cain said...

HA! You said Space Pen.

William said...

he said it first