Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Its goodish when things can last

Things fall in and out of vogue all the time.
Style is constantly going in and out of...well...of style.
Its not really "style's" fault.
Good is going to be "good" no matter who's paying attention.
Whether its music, a car, bike, or the sign at your local grocery store.
Take the Hi-Lo in Jamaica Plain, MA for instance.
Something tells me its been there for a long time....a lot longer than the latest incarnation of the local Super-Corporate-Conglomo-Meglo-Mart's sign.
You know, the one that's EVERYWHERE.
The one that's designed to look the same in Massachusetts, Wyoming AND Florida as not to confuse the sheep that shop there.
We don't need to be that bland.
A little character never hurt anybody.


William said...

I have always liked he build of that sign.....hehehe build as a noun.

William said...

oops I meant "the build"

general gow said...

where is that building? that place rules.