Monday, November 17, 2008

Lousy Gene Krupa wannabe

This past weekend I tried to "sort of" explain my "relationship" & views towards the instrument to someone....and I think they got it, although it didn't make me sound like any less of a loon.

I know a little of the history of this kit & kinda made up my own.
An owner's name is written in pencil on the inside of the snare...I really should look him up.
The signs are all there that it is a total "working man's" kit.
Late 40's Radio King with early 50's 22" Bass.
One can assume the owner got sick of lugging the huge bass that was common for the day.
It plays like a dream, sounds like a dream, feels like a dream..and that's not saying nearly enough.

A sound guy's nightmare.


William said...

why not cut a hole in it to mike it....DON'T HIT ME!!!!! I was kidding

William said...

HA HA HA nutbra for a verification word

Cain said...

Why is there some funky looking copper pizza wheel on the front?