Sunday, November 16, 2008

What better thing to do on a dreary Saturday

than pull skeletons of your former life from the closet?
1963 Rogers Holiday.
Third owner, high mileage....God I love this little kit.
Sadly, the last time it was set up Bill Clinton was president.


KnuckleBuster said...

Man, it's so nice to see a "real" drum kit, not one of those new fangled sets with 42 cymbals, 3 kicks and 17 toms. To think, guys could make those little kits sing back in the day, now it's like an artillery barrage.

Good for you, Richie.

the good captain said...

What's the skinny black drum called, behind the snare drum?

Oh, the seat...Well, they sound cool too when you smack 'em.

William said...

....But it has no wires